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Subject: Gay Tales From Richland.....Chapter 7-A.....Rashad and JasonDisclaimer: I am extremely pleased with the responses that I have
received since I began my writing career. I have especially enjoyed the
comments and suggestions. Please keep them coming. I have read and
enjoyed many of the authors who have contributed to What you
are about to read are thoughts that I have written down in a journal for
many years. Some things are partly true. Others are purely child pornpics fictional.
Names and places have been changed in order to protect the innocent.
There are graphic sexual acts portrayed in these stories, so if you are
offended by these situations, please go no further than this disclaimer.
If you are not offended, please continue and enjoy.
(Surprise Trip)By Roger BealsChapter 7-A ##################################################################The Story Thus Far: Setting his alarm clock for 5:30 PM, Jason and Rashad cuddled in the
spoon position under the sheet, with Rashad draping his right arm over
his Jason's naked body. They were soon child porn gallaries off to dreamland (dreaming of
sucking each other off again, no doubt). child defloration porn % % % % %<<<<>>>> It was 4:00 PM. Jason and Rashad were awakened by the slamming of a
car door in the driveway just below Jason's bedroom window. Jason, still
naked as the day he was born, jumped from his nude asian children bed and ran to the window. "Who's out there?" a sleepy and naked Rashad asked. "It's Patricia (Pat). I wonder what in the world she's doing home
from the construction office so early? We'd better hurry up and get
dressed. I sure wouldn't want her to catch us in bed together naked,"
Jason remarked. The teens hurried into their tank-tops, yellow string
bikinis, cut-offs, and sandals. Once they were dressed, they hurried
downstairs to greet Pat, who, at this moment, was in the kitchen,
rattling pots, pans, and dishes. "Hi, Pat! What's happenin' Sis? Why are you home so early?" Jason
asked his older Sister. "HI, Guys! I'm home early because Mom asked me to start supper for
he. We're having company tonight," Pat answered. "Company?" Jason asked. "Is it anyone I know? "As a matter of fact, Jase, it's someone that you and Shad both
know. How do I know this person?" Rashad asked. "Well, from what Mom told me, Principal child porn gallaries
Phelps and his wife and
Shad's Mom and Dad," Pat said. "I can understand Shad's Mom and Dad dining with us, but what's up
with Principal and Mrs. Phelps?" Jason asked. "I'm not sure," Pat mused, "but I think it has something to do with
you and Shad. Mr. Phelps was in Mr. Moore and Dad's office earlier." "Why? What on earth have we done?" I know that Jase and I have done
nothing wrong." Rashad protested. "That's right, Pat! Shad and I want to go to college when we
graduate forum porn child from high school, so we go out of our way to stay out of
trouble," Jason said. "Oh, I'm sure that there's nothing wrong with rompl child free you guys as far as
getting into any trouble. I didn't hear any loud talking coming from the
office, and Dad, Mr. Moore, and Principal Phelps came out of the office
with big smiles on their faces," Pat stated. "Well, that sounds promising," Jason said, with a sigh of relief. "Yes, that makes feel a little more at ease," Rashad echoed. "Now,
is there anything that Jase and I can do to help you get supper ready?
I'm pretty good in the kitchen, you know." "You're not too bad in the bedroom either, my love," Jason whispered
in Rashad's ear. Rashad gave Jason a playful poke in the ribs and the two of them
burst out laughing. Pat looked at Rashad and her brother and just shook
her head. She smiled at the two young men standing with her in the
kitchen, and decided to leave well enough alone. The boys were always
trying to pull some playful prank on her, and if that was what they had
in mind, then she had best be prepared for them. fuck asian child "Gosh, guys, I really do appreciate your offer to help me with the
meal. With your help, supper will be ready in child photos tgp record time," Pat said.
"By the way, I've been meaning to ask you guys how the funeral went this
morning?" With a note of sadness in his voice, Jason replied, "It went as well
as it could have for a funeral. The whole senior class was in
attendance. I know that Grandma Ramirez was happy to see us all there.
I think that having us sitting beside her gave her a great deal of
comfort." "I'm sure it did, Jase. She thinks the world of you and Shad," Pat
said, as she mafia sex children wiped a couple of tears from each of the young men's cheeks. With the tears set aside for the moment, the trio set about getting
things prepared for the evening barbecue. Rashad prepared the tossed
salad and the potato salad. Jason formed enough hamburger patties to
feed the small army. Pat started the charcoal grill, set the picnic
table and put the sodas on ice in the portable cooler. With everyone
pitching is the way they did, with exception of the burgers child erotica stories and the
hot dogs, everything was ready for consumption in an hour mafia sex child and a half.
The burgers and dogs would be grilled as soon as the guests started
arriving. Jason, in addition to forming the ground chuck into perfect
patties, sliced onions and tomatoes for the burgers and chopped onions
for the dogs. He even pulled apart a head of lettuce in to individual
leafs for the burgers. The Moores were the first to arrive, followed ten minutes later
by Mr. and Mrs. Phelps. The nine people in attendance enjoyed the meal
and the conversations immensely. The table cleared, the leftovers
refrigerated, and the trash placed in the large dumpster in the alley
behind the Edwards' residence, everyone repaired to the den. When
everyone was comfortably seated, Peter Edwards arose from his chair to
speak. Clearing his throat, Peter began his little speech. "Shad, Jase, all
of the childfuck gallery
adults in this room, James, Louise, Walter, Mary, Martha, Pat, and
myself, realize that the two of you have gone through a very traumatic
experience when you lost your best friend, Alex, in that drowning
accident. We also know that it's going to be very hard for you to
concentrate on your studies at school for a while, so we've come up with
a plan. "That's right," James Moore continued, "We've planned something very
special for you. Something that we think that you will enjoy very much.
We figured that it would be nice if the two of you took a little trip for
a couple of weeks. "So, we've decided to let the two of you drive the family van up to
our private campsite up in Mountain View." Peter Edwards concluded. "Are you xxx fucking children kidding us?" Rashad asked in surprise! "Not at all, son," James Moore Replied. "In fact, you have Mr.
Phelps to thank for this surprise." "Yes, I'm afraid that I'm guilty as charged," Walter Philips
remarked. "But why, Mr. Phelps?" Jason asked. "We still have another month of
school left. We'll fall behind in our grades." "Jase, Shad, xxx fucking children you two are the top seniors at Richland High School.
The 3 1/2 weeks that we have left will children nudist pictures
be mostly reviewing what you've
learned over the past year, and I know that when the final exams come up,
both of you will ace them. That's how much confidence I have in your
academic abilities," Walter Phelps stated matter-of-factly." "Shad, Jase, your Dad and I have rompl child free already hired a couple childfuck gallery of high
school students to help us at the construction company while you're away,
and, we'll keep them on so that child pron pix when you start college in the fall,
you'll have time to concentrate on your studies." Peter Edwards told
them. "And, as an added bonus," James cut in, "Peter and I have decided to
give you each a $100 bonus to go along with your regular paychecks." "To show you how much we appreciate how well the two of you do at
the school, Mary and I are going to give you each $50," Walter Phelps
added. "And I will add another $50 each to that just because I like the child stars naked two
of you," added Pat. Rashad and Jason could hardly contain their pornochild pay site emotions. Once again,
tears were streaming down their faces. They both knew that their parents
loved them very much, but were totally unaware of how the Phelps' felt
about them. They thanked both child playing nude sets of parents, Pat, and Mr. & Mrs.
Phelps. "Gosh," Jason exclaimed, his voice choked with emotion, "I don't know
what to say except that I love all of you guys so much, and I really want
to child pornpics thank you all from the bottom of my heart." "That goes without saying, Jase," a teary-eyed Rashad broke in.
"We'll never be able to thank you guys nude asian children for all of the nice things you're
doing for us. I child xxx movies guess Jason and I are going to have to part company for
the night so that I can go home and pack for the trip." "You'll do no such thing!" Louise Moore stated emphatically. "Shad,
dear, your suitcases are already packed and in our van" "And I'll pack your bags for you, Jase," Martha Edwards told her son,
"so why don't you and Shad find something else to do." "I have forum porn child a good idea!" Jason told Rashad with a knowing look in his
eyes. child pron pix
"Why don't we take a drive down to Grandpa Edwards' farm? It's
only 7:15, and it won't get dark until almost 9:00. We can take a walk
down by the brook that runs through his woods." "I like that idea, Jase!" Rashad replied with the same knowing
expression. Grandpa Edwards' farm is only 5 softcore child porn miles outside of town. We
can be there in 7 minutes, and have plenty of time to relax by the brook. "Fine! You boys go ahead and have a wonderful child preeten nude time, but try to be
back by 10 o'clock though. You'll need lots of rest before you start
that long trip to the mountains tomorrow," Martha Edwards told them. "We'll have a good time, Mom," Jason said, giving his mother a kiss
on the cheek. "Yes, Aunt Martha. We'll find some way to amuse ourselves in the
woods. There are lots of things that we can do." Rashad said. AUTHOR'S NOTE: The Moore and Edawards families have been lifelong friends, as well
as business partners. Rashad and Jason practically grew up together.
This is why each of them considers the other's Mom and Dad as aunt childfuck gallery
uncle. BACK TO THE STORY: "Well, Jase, Shad, and the rest of you, it's time for Mary and me to
be leaving. You boys have a great vacation, and I'll see you when you
get back from Mountain View. xxx child movie We'll leave the money with your parents."
Walter Phelps told them. "Thanks a lot, Mr. & Mrs. Phelps. We really appreciate everything
that you have done for us today," Rashad said, as he went over and hugged
the principal and his wife. "That goes without saying!" Jason red children porno chimed in. "This is so nice of
you. If there's anything that we can ever do child sex blowjob for you, please, let us
know." Jason joined in the hugfest. "We'll keep that in mind for future reference," Mary Phelps said, as
she kissed kds chill fuck each teen on the forehead. The Phelps' drove off for home. Jason and Rashad kissed each of the
family members and headed for Jason's car. As Jason and Rashad were heading for the garage, there was this
little bit of conversation heard between the grown-ups. "I guess our suspicions were right on the money!" Martha Edwards
stated. "Yes, and I think that it's so wonderful that Shad children porn ilegal and Jase will be
part of our families forever!" said Louise Moore. "At least we're prepared to back them up wholeheartedly. Am I right
about that?" asked James Moore. "With two wonderful ukrainian naturist children boys like that, how can we not stand behind
them?" declared Peter Edwards. Pat Edwards nodded her head in agreement with her elders. After all,
no matter what, Jase was still her brother, and she loved both he and
Shad. Well, dear reader! What do you think that the group is talking
about? And if you're thinking what I'm thinking, wouldn't it be
wonderful if all parents felt the same way the Edwards and the Moores
feel. Perhaps there would be a drastic decease in the number of suicides
amongst Gay teen-agers. *
################################################################## This ends chapter 7-A of Rashad & Jason. Chapter 8-A will soon follow.
What's going to happen next? Well, I can hardly wait to tell you, so
watch for the next exciting episode. If you have enjoyed this story so
far, and,
if you have any comments or suggestions of any kind, please child hungry picture feel free to
write me at Thanks, and please, read the stories that all of the fine authors
have posted. They are excellent. Happy Reading
Roger Beals
Richmond, Virginia
United States of America Unsafe sex is like skateboarding without protective gear.

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